Expert in telecom hosting, ATC France is a long-term partner of local and regional governments in the management of public buildings and publicly owned land.

ATC France assists local and regional governments in the digital development of their communities by optimizing local network coverage. ATC France can help municipalities to secure new revenue streams and fund projects that improve the lives of local residents.

A Full-Service Partner

Unlock the value of your properties and land assets by delegating the management of your mobile network operator leases to ATC France. As your single point of contact with mobile operators, ATC France will oversee the management and development of your sites and help to maximize the revenue generated from your leases.

ATC France is a member of American Tower, the world leader in wireless communications infrastructure. ATC France hosts all types of telecommunications networks: mobile operators, networks for connected objects, networks for local or regional governments, and private networks.

If you represent a municipality or government agency, we are interested in learning about your properties. We will review your information against our database of needs. Please send your site information to

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