ATC France provides an easy way for you to find sites to expand or densify your wireless communications network.


Online Site Finder

We have developed tools and processes that make it easier to leverage our approximately 2,800 French sites. If you are ready to begin the process of exploring ATC France’s portfolio of sites, click to access our Online Site Finder.The enhanced mapping application will provide you with direct access to our most up-to-date listing of available sites and their key attributes.

Conduct a Search

When you are looking for sites to fill coverage or capacity gaps in your existing network, perform your search using our Site Finder. Search by coordinates, address or by designating your own search areas. Review all available site info and choose the candidate that best supports your objectives.

Locate Candidate Sites

As the needs of your network evolve, identifying available candidates is easy with our Site Finder, which provides multiple ways to address your needs:

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